November 7, 2014



True third-party valuators, our veteran Irontrax team has worked in the construction, mining, transportation and agricultural industries for decades.   Appraising such machinery is our core business.

Irontrax professionals have extensive technical proficiencies practical experience with heavy equipment, from rebuilding engines to driving semis.  These skills enhance our ability to identify and assess missing elements, such as: excess mileage, worn out undercarriages, technological obsolesce, and other factors that improve or reduce values.  We can catch many attributes less qualified appraisers often miss, which serves our clients to more accurately dial-in values and effectively go to market. 

When repurposing assets, our liquidation and remarketing experience offers significant value to our clients. Furthermore, our firm is uniquely qualified to understand the risk management side as well, thanks to first-hand asset management experience within the financial industry.  We understand the machinery and the valuation methodology necessary to help customers most efficiently manage their heavy equipment portfolios, offering capabilities that are seamless extensions to your business.

Irontrax is an approved Master Service Agreement (MSA) Vendor for nearly half of the nation’s Top 50 banks.  Our appraisers are accredited by the American Society of Appraisers International (ASA).

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