January 2, 2016



Irontrax is not affiliated with an auction house.  As a trusted independent resource, we’re better able to focus our attention on risk mitigation when selling or remarketing recovered assets.  We’re a client’s best insurance policy.  Our used equipment yards allow customers to control their assets’ worth and sales timing.  We protect their potential for downside loss while waiting for upside opportunities.

Once a client hires us to liquidate their equipment, we provide periodic updates on our progress.  We don’t keep them guessing.  It’s our job to know where the market is best for that asset and focus our efforts in that direction. We “work the machine.”  We don’t just list the equipment on an industry website and wait for the phone to ring.  We’re proactive on the phone and internet, promoting it through our extensive network of buyers.  Our long-established industry connections – especially in North & South America and the Caribbean — help us successfully remarket our clients’ assets in a timely manner while commanding handsome returns.